Why do we celebrate St Patricks Day

Why do we celebrate St Patricks Day: Saint Patrick's day is an Irish religious festival. many people still thinks Why celebrate St Patricks Day, their answer is in upcoming post and its sub sections. Also answer to another question like What did St Patrick do, is a question which arises in minds of many people. Read this post carefull and you will get your answer. Why is St patricks a saint, This is a question which comes to mind of many people too. Funny St patricks Day is a way to do funny activities and joing others.  Coming every year it is celebrated at 17th of March, this is a day which everyone waits for very eagerly. To celebrate this day to the fullest, people wear green, share and drink beers, dance, sing and participate in parades.
Why do we celebrate St Patricks Day: This is question which creates curiosity in many people because everyone wants to know more and more. The reason is people should know, What is it St  Patrick was known for. With so many people celebrating this day and lookin for more opportunities to make it a better feast, Patricks Celebration plays an important role.  Why is St Patrick a Saint. is also something which people should know.
Why do we celebrate St Patricks Day

Why do we celebrate St Patricks Day

A day full of happiness, craziness, love, traditions and celebration. Yes I am talking about Celebrations related to Patrick's day. This day  brings so much memories about the Saint patron. He was the man who belongs to Ireland. and Christians from every country treat this religious day like a feast.

Who is Saint Patrick:

Who is Saint Patrick:

Patrick was a bishop from Ireland who was born to a wealthy family or British people. He was kidnapped when he was just 16 by some Irish traders. He used to work as a shepherd and it is believed that he saw god during that time. It is also believed that god told him to flee to the coast and later when he came back to his home, he became a priest.

Saint Patrick Facts

Saint Patrick Facts

 There are lots of facts related and associated to patrick. Some of them are:
1 The very first Saint patrick parade took place in United States and not in Ireland.
2 There are approx 144,588 residents currently who were born in Ireland.
3 More than 100 Patrick parades are held in United States.
 Facts about Saint Patrick
4 Patrick's day is related to celebration of religious feast day of Paddy, the patron saint of Ireland.
5 Although Patty made his mark by introducing Christianity to Ireland in the year 432, Patrick wasn’t Irish himself. He was born to Roman parents in Scotland or Wales in the late fourth century.
6 Saint Patrick’s Day is a national holiday in both Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Saint Patrick History

Saint Patrick History
Every year on 17th of March, people from all over the world gather together, take participation in some activities and celebrate St Patrick's Day by Parades, dancing and eating special traditional foods and treat this day like a religious St Patrick feast day, who was a saint from Ireland. People often wonder How did St patrick became a Saint or St Patrick facts. Christians from all over the world also attend Church services and drinking alcohol are lifted for the day as people want to pay tribue to the guy. People also share green coloured beers. Patrick who used to use Shamrock, a three leaved plant is the main reason why people consider wearing green colour dresses for this day. When was Patrick born or When did Patrick die is a question which is closely related to Patrick's history.

Saint Patrick Food

With so many food varieties and options available, people treat this day like a feast. Remember god by attending church, attending parades, then share delicious food in form of traditional food dishes with their dear ones. Some of the famous food dishes are as follows:
Saint Patrick Food

Corned Beef.
Cheesy Guiness Bread.
Shepherd's Pie.
Green Punch
Irish Potato Pancakes.
Irish Lamb Stew.

Saint Patrick TraditionsSaint Patrick Traditions

With so many things to do on this day, people try and start their day with joining parades, sharing drinks, attending church, dancing, singing, pinching who is not green, wearing green, sharing traditional dinner etc. 

Final words:
Why do we celebrate St Patricks Day: We celebrate to spend quality time together with our dear ones and make this religious feast a great one. Other than that Why is St patricks a saint is something which people want to know and Kids too want to know Who is ST Patricks for kids.These kind of questions and their related information are important and that shows us how much we care for Patricks Day. Alos donot forget to share Patrick's Prayers and Patty's wallpapers. Thanks for visiting our website and reading this article over Patricks 2017 day. We know this day will come once a year and brings smile to your faces, so why not share this article or our website link to your dear ones. We will appreciate your efforts and lease also help us reaching to more and more people. Thanks. We wish you a great day ahead.


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