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St Patrick's Jokes: 17th  March is the day when Irish society in whole world will like to celebrate the Patricks day. 2017 Pattys day can be full of fun and entertainment. Patrick jokes is one of best ways to celebrate this day and enjoying with friends. jokes can be in form of text or images or you can even take idea of joke from videos. Irish puns are also another way to make this day awesome. Irish joke of the day is another way of expressing thoughts and views of Patty's day 2017.
St Patrick One day liners: With St Patrick coming near, one thing which is commonly done is sharing Irish one liners. Some people who want to enjoy by leprechaun joke bathroom  are also welcomes and appreciated.
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St Patrick Jokes

A ventriloquist is telling Irish jokes in Davy Byrne's pub in Grafton Street, Dublin, when, O'Leary, an irate Irishman stands up shouting, 'You're making out we're all dumb and stupid. I oughtta punch you in the nose.'
'I'm sorry sir, I...........'
'Not you,' says O'Leary, 'I'm talking to that little fella on your knee.'
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Paddy Was driving his lorry when he saw a bridge with a sign saying 10 foot max. headroom. He slowed down wondering if he could drive under it or not , 'A shure I'll give it a go, he thought only to find that his lorry got stuck underneath it.
Paddy sat back in his seat, poured out a cup of tea and lit a cigarette. A policeman arrived a short time later and knocked on the cab door which Paddy then opened, 'what do you think you are doing? asked the policeman in a sharp tone, 'Sure I'm having me tea break, replied Paddy, 'And what do you work at? asked the policeman, 'Agh shure I deliver bridges,! smiled

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With so many people eagerly waiting for this day. Paddy and Murphy one liners are another way to bring attention to mind of people. While Leprechaun riddles for adults are also choosen to added. Sharing Patrick memories are to be cherished by all while celebrated by a huge crowd in Ireland. Irish Brain teasers are among one of ways to test the intelligence of another person.
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Knock Knock Who's there? Irish! Irish Who? Irish you a happy St. Patrick's Day!

Ian: Where do leprechauns buy their groceries?
Colin: I don’t know.
Ian: Rainbow Foods!
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My wife made me a green hamburger today to celebrate St Patricks Day. I asked her how she colored it and she said she didn't know what I was talkin about.
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A young Irishman sat at a pub in the New World drinking beer and conversin' with the barkeep. Another comes in and sits besides him. He says how you do and hears the lilt and says you be Irish? Yes I am. The first man yells barkeep give us another round and one for my friend here he's from the mother country as well. The second man asks-so where in the old country ye from. Dublin responds the first. Dublin you say - so am I and the second man hollers barkeep bring us another round and a shot of your best Irish Whiskey for me and my friend here. Afterwards the first man asks from where in Dublin and the second man responds with the street and the first man says well I'll be - so am I and yells barkeep another pair of beers and Irish Whiskey for the pair of us. The phone behind the bar rings and the barkeep answers it. The owner of the pub asks - how is business. The barkeep responds - not too bad - The O'Malley twins are here getting drunk again.
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Q: When is an Irish potato not an Irish potato?
A: When he is a french fry!

Why do people wear shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day?
(Real rocks are too heavy!)

Why can't you iron a four-leaf clover?
(Because you shouldn't press your luck!)
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St Patricks day one liners.

What do ghosts drink on St Patricks Day? BOOs 

What do you call an Irishman who knows how to control his wife? A bachelor. 

What has eight arms and an IQ of 80? Four girlfriends drinking on St Patricks Day!

What do you call a Cubic Zirconia in Ireland? A sham rock 
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St patrick Jokes

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