St Patrick's Day Customs

St Patrick's Day Customs: To enjoy Patricks Day 2017 one thing that should be kept in mind is Customs of Patrick's Day. Customs and traditions are important part of any community regardless of the country. Irish and Christians who belive a lot in Saint Patrick's Day Traditions have important place in their heart for this day, they also share this day with their dear ones, family members and friends and make the 17th March a special one.   

Saint Patrick's Day Traditions

Not only people have different ideas related to Traditions for dinner for St Patrick. They also take participations in Patrick's Parade in order to show respect. Every year on March 17, people wear Green coloured dresses and celebrate this day by honoring his memory with a feast and a trip to the church.

Men's traditional dresses for Patrick's Day 2017
Men's traditional dresses for Patrick's Day 2017

Wearing Green watch.
Wearing Green neck tie.
Wearing Green under shirt.
Wearing Green under cuff links.
Wearing Green socks.
Wearing Green hat.

Women's traditional dresses for Patrick's Day 2017
Women's traditional dresses for Patrick's Day 2017

Wearing green nail polish.
Wearing green jewellery.
Wearing Green ponytail holder.
Wearing green scarf/hat.
Wearing green tshirt.
Wearing green pant/skirt.

While Patricks day brings people together and to honor Ireland's patron saint, they follow some traditions and customs which become important part of the Irish society. Some other traditions for Paddy's day 2017 are as follows.

St Patrick's day pinching tradition: 
St Patrick's day pinching tradition

On this very special day, it is to be believed that everyone should wear green whether its men or women and those who are not wearing green should be pinched. This resulted into humans pinching each other to display the disapproval we think the leprechauns(humans wearing green coloured dress) would be showing. The respectful way to celebrate is to simply wear green coloured dresses and avoid yourself from getting pinched.

St Patrick's day traditional meal:
Every single festival, custom or ocassion can become more wonderful adn special if it has delicious food items along with tasty deserts drinks, soups and much more. On Patrick's day we can go for a variety of tasty meals which can help us in spending quality time together with families and friends. A lot of dishes can be made and can be shared along with excitement of 2017 Patricks day. Some of the St Patrick's day traditional food are as follows:
St Patrick's day traditional meal

Irish Stew.
Corned Beef.
Irish Soda Bread Cookies.
Irish Potato Farls.
Irish Potato Pancakes.
Irish Tea cake.
Irish Nachos.
Irish Shamrock Cookies.
Cream Cheese Sugar cCookies.
Irish Soda Bread Cookies.

Traditions of St Patrick's Day

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